Malec, magic and madness

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog! I’m Malecxmagic from Instagram, aka Nathalie (you can call me Nath if you’re nice), and here I will post:

  • amazing stuff (hopefully)
  • loads of Malec stuff
  • weird songs based on Shadowhunters
  • episode reviews
  • episode rants
  • rants about the madness going on in the fandom.

Yes, that last point is actually the reason I made this blog, because a MADNESS is seriously going on and we absolutely need to talk about it. Cuz seriously, I’m ashamed for the average fan in our fandom.


Yes, let’s talk about what happened. Once upon a time there was a perfect Shadowhunters show and everyone fell in love with Malec. There were no problems yet. Then Clace happened to be brother and sister. Goodbye Clace (for now). Then, hell came down to earth:

  1. Clace shippers became mad because Malec became more canon.
  2. Malec shippers became gready for more and more.
  3. Writers got spammed on social media to give us more.
  4. Because of all enthousiasm, ShadowhuntersTV went a bit too far and spoiled us with loads of Malec.
  5. Clace-fandom mad, Malec-fandom heart attacks.
  6. The whole fandom expected LOADS of Malec.
  7. Jace jumped in during an intimate moment.

That was the first part of the madness. There the riot came, shippers agains shippers. Hate against more hate, like it was a competition who could argue the best. So, now what?


Yes, the shipfight started. I hoped we were the fandom without the shipfight, because our series is based on books, so everyone knows who will end up with who in the end. Well, WRONG. Clace againts Malec is the biggest thing, and (seriously no offence), the Malec fandom got a lot of hate because the focus was not so much on Clace anymore. Thereby came that Malec shippers were sad because Jace jumped in. Suddenly Jace was the cockblocker.. and there we went again: “all Malec shippers hate Jace”. Please, I don’t think I even have to explain that that is not true and that most of us are DEEPLY in love with Jace, still. We understand why he behaves like this. Okay, next.


Now the biggest issue of the evening:

“Jace could have sex with a slut faerie and they didn’t show Malec because it is gay and they don’t support the LGBT-community this way.”

Yes, this is something I literally read today and it made me super angry. I think if there is one show who supports LGBT, it is Shadowhunters. All the writers of the show are literally the biggest Malec-shippers I think, so here is the thing:

  • I won’t start the discussion if Alec/Magnus was ready to have sex or not. That is another weird discussion and let’s not go there.
  • Alec was so enthousiast and happy that he kinda was caught of guard. That’s why he stopped Alec in the beginning. He was worried that Alec was not himself, or that he did it only for him. He wanted to make sure Alec was ready. He is so affraid to make mistakes and to push Alec into something and then lose him.
  • Here comes the MISUNDERSTANDING that Alec pushed Magnus. “I’m not complaining”, said the High Warlock of Brooklyn. We are talking about one of the most powerfull warlocks ever exsisted in shadowworld. If he didn’t want to do whatever they did, he would have said so.
  • LET’S NOT even talk about people calling it ‘rape’. I guess you guys need a dictionary to find the meaning of that word. It’s sick and wrong to even think that Alec raped Magnus. What the freaking Duck.

But this is not the worst part…


The fandom started to blame the masters. Todd especially, but also the actors, got spammed on social media with hate. “Not enough screentime” – “Alec raped Magnus” – “The kiss was forced” – “You suck” – “Why can we see Jace sex and not Malec sex” – and on and on… it went this far that in the end, Todd APOLOGIZED to the ‘fandom’ (they are no fans in my eyes) for doing the scene wrong and that it should have been different. Are you guys SICK?! You are not the writer, you have nothing to say about the show. You should sit your asses down and watch a show you love, or leave it. The writers and actors are working their butts off to give us the best they can. They put all their time, emotion, passion and lives in the show and they give all. They didn’t ask for HATE because:

  • Some ‘fans’ think they can decide how the show must be filmed
  • Some ‘fans’ wants to see gay sex (seriously go watch porn or so)
  • Some ‘fans’ think it’s only about malec.
  • Well. It’s not. It’s actually about Valentine ruining the shadowworld and an amazing team who tries to defeat him and the circle, and in the meanwhile also have to deal with personal stuff going on.



So, what can we say about this: I think that last episode finally took some chill in the overal picture again. We saw how Valentine messed up shit again, how Jace is actually (under all his flirting) so damaged because of Valentine, we saw amazing things going on with Clary and I’m so glad that we finally go into her special abilities, we same some humor with Simon to make it all a bit lighter, and we saw DEVELOPMENT in the Malec relationship. Yes, Magnus stopped Alec at first and then they talked about what they think, how they feel, Magnus opened up that he is afraid of losing Alec. I think their conversations are superstrong and make sense. We should all have Malec as our Big Idol, because that’s how relationships are supposed to be in my eyes: commitment, conversations and passion.


Now it’s your turn.